Hi, I'm Juliana

I've always loved writing pretty things. I still remember how I loved to practice penmanship in school (back in the ice age) and now, with modern calligraphy, I have rediscovered my love for making letters dance on the page again. 

I work with ink and watercolor to create organic and whimsical art for weddings and baby showers, everyday home items (prints, quotes, etc) or whatever else may need pretty handwriting. I've even written on leaves and rocks so if you have something in mind, please reach out and don't be shy.

One of my favorite things is to write the funny things my 5 year old says in pretty calligraphy. It's an adorable way to remember our very special everyday moments.


Photography by Marietta Leung, Maria Danielle Doka, LeeYen Lobedahn @ Loblee Photography and Sam @ Adam & Sam Photography