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Cosmos, Cozy & Chic in the Catskills Foxfire Mountain House Woodstock, NY

Jenn told me she wanted her wedding day to feel warm and organic, filled with dahlias, all sorts of greenery, and a healthy dose of cosmos. Basically, my dream come true nestled in the picturesque Foxfire Mountain House up in the Hudson Valley, NY.

And when Rebecca from Pink Bow Tie Events sent me a gorgeous mood board with her design vision and a delicious color palette, this suite was going to be special.

Knowing Jenn + Pat loved the Hudson Valley and the unique rooms at Foxfire Mountain House (FHS), where each room has an original design and floor tiles, we landed on a suite that featured, among other things: loose, asymmetrical florals surrounding a custom crest inspired by a gorgeous mirror from Foxfire Mountain House, a custom painting of Percy (Jenn + Pat’s insanely cute pup), a custom painting of the glass house from Foxfire House, and a unique border inspired by tiles they loved so much. We also created a custom pattern for Jenn + Pat by combining various custom illustrations mentioned above along with new ones of the Hudson Valley mountains and canoes.

We were so happy to create an invitation suite that not only was meaningful to Jenn + Pat but that also brought to life the look and feel of this magical weekend to be had.

And magic indeed ensued…surrounded by delightful design details that were carried on to their beautiful day. From menus uniquely designed to feature a delish feast, to bar menus with custom watercolor illustrations featuring their signature cocktails, to hand-calligrapher place cards and table numbers, this Catskills wedding celebrated love in (some serious cozy chic) style.

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