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The chic-es New Orleans Wedding Affair Il Mercato + The Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans, LA

I love it when I meet a couple who is getting married in a place that brings them so much meaning and happiness. For Marissa + Herb (M+H), that place was New Orleans. From our first chat, I knew I was in for a fun ride because my brief was to create an invitation suite that would evoke quintessential New Orleans style in a fun and elegant way. Twist my arm, will ya?

From a traditional second-line band parading down the French Quarter to the magnificent Four Seasons to the picturesque fireplace in an open-air courtyard surrounded by gorgeous trees and hanging lights at Il Mercato, M+H’s lucky guests were in for a treat. The invitations needed to set the tone and convey all the magic to come.,

The color palette was filled with yummy pastels but we chose Lilac to be the primary color for its delicate, happy hue. We paired it with periwinkle and lots of lush greenery as well as touches of yellow ochre tones to showcase the trumpet, trombone, tuba and sax illustrated and used throughout the suite.

For the main invitation, I added a border that reminded me of the Victorian-style homes all around town but instead of just creating a perfectly straight-lined border on Illustrator, I hand-painted the lines to create that perfectly imperfect, handcrafted look.

My favorite piece created for their wedding (and there were many including a giant floor graphic) was their Welcome Note. My goal was for guests to get a glimpse of the weekend ahead by taking a quick look at the cover…which was filled with beads, serpentine, musical instruments, florals, Mardi Gras masks & umbrellas and so on.

Working with M+H as well as their creative and organized planners Elyse + Ashley made all the difference - thank you for your vision and for trusting me to bring it to life! And as they say in NOLA, laissez les bons temps rouler/ let the good times roll

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